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February 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Pool Filters

Pool FiltersSooner or later amid your pool development or acquiring procedure, you’re going to need to consider precisely what sort of pool filter you will be utilizing. A pool filter is pretty much as vital as the water is to the pool itself. Let’s be honest, no one is going to want to make a go at swimming in your pool if the water is green and smells. In light of this, it is critical you have a fitting comprehension of your pool filter and just precisely what makes it up and what it does.

There are three essential sorts of systems you can use in your pool. They are Sand Pool Filters, Cartridge Pool Filters, and DE (which is short for diatomaceous) Pool Filters. All have their own particular extraordinary arrangement of Pros and Cons, and we will be talking about each completely as to give you the best thought which filter is ideal for your pool.

Effectively the most mainstream sort of Pool Filter, sand systems work by circling tainted pool water over a layer of pool filter sand situated inside of the filter itself. This tainted pool water is then constrained through a layer of fine sand, which attempts to clean and push the water again into the pool. In every way that really matters, this procedure meets expectations exceptionally well to clean sullied pool water powerful. In any case, the procedure itself likewise causes the filter to go down regularly, prompting a requirement for continuous flushing of the framework. The flushing procedure is genuinely direct, however, as to clean the framework you should do nothing more than turn around the admission of water pull out the inverse streaming method for the framework.

Cartridge systems utilize a fantastic method of acquainting a medium obstruction with the filtration framework called a pool filter cartridge. This pool cartridge filter is a refined barrel formed protest in which acts to take out water pollution when water is passed through it. The essential purpose of a framework like this is its ease of replacement. Where the Sand system framework requires you to flush the whole framework, the Cartridge framework just obliges you supplant the cartridge and wash its lodging out with water. Another point of preference of this framework is the life of the cartridges themselves, where a certain brand models have been referred to keep going as long as 5 years. The main disadvantage here is the cost. Being more lavish than the Sand system, the inquiry is raised in the matter of how much not having to constantly maintain your framework is worth to truly worth to you.

The mother of all systems. On the off chance that you despise germs, then the DE system is the one for you. Ready to work on a minuscule level, this system outfits the force of cutting edge innovation to dispense with even the littlest of germs. The system itself lives up to expectations fundamentally the same to the Sand system specified above, however the “sand” like substance is rather a diatomaceous powder (thus the name). This substance is unbelievably powerful as filtering germs. The two noteworthy disadvantages of this system ought to be really self-evident. The establishment is lavish, and the support is much the same as the Sand system. The fundamental inquiry you have to ask yourself is whether the additional super power is truly justified regardless of the additional buck.

Tips for Servicing and Furnishing Your Pool

Servicing and Furnishing Your PoolThere are essentially two types of pools, the in-ground and the above-ground. Whether made from solid materials, like stone, or from an easy-to-assemble item like steel sheets, the cost of pool maintenance tends to be extremely time consuming. But, pool cleaning and servicing doesn’t have to be a hassle, even if you choose to tackle the task yourself!

While in-ground pools often prove to be the most expensive to maintain, a routine check of the pool’s tiles, grout, and any other possible damages every six months will help you save hundreds of dollars in repairs. It helps to solve any possible issues before they become huge problems!

Special attention should be paid to above-ground pools constructed from solid materials like stone. Cleaning the sides of the pool with a specially designed, long-handled brush and some detergent helps remove any gunk sticking to the sides. Since debris can fall to the bottom during clean-up, draining and cleaning the bottom should complete the maintenance process. Who needs outside help?!

Planning on swimming year round? Heating your pool will protect it from any potential damage caused by winter weather and freezing. Regular use of a swimming pool heater will also keep the pipes from freezing. Make certain the path to and from the swimming pool and the deck are clear of snow and ice. You don’t want your fast-moving guests to trip and fall when they’re getting out of the pool and heading for the warmth of the indoors. The water might be warm but trust me, the air won’t be!

Should you prefer to have someone else handle the messy work, your pool cleaning service should be able to take care of all aspects of pool cleaning, maintenance and repairing. A full-service pool maintenance company can perform the following:

  • Check if all equipment is running properly.
  • Test pool for chemicals with an approved test kit.
  • Adjust salt, stabilizer, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels.
  • Remove leaves and debris floating in the pool with a skimmer.
  • Brush walls and steps.
  • Vacuum pool floor to suck out debris.
  • Clean tiles with a tile brush and tile soap – to remove any algae and deposits.
  • Clean main pool filter, skimmer and pump strainer baskets.
  • Clean mold, rock work wherever present, and in-line leaf trap wherever available.
  • Leave a notice of service when complete.

Now that you’ve scheduled (or called off!) the pool guy, and your pool has been properly serviced, it’s time to start looking at the furniture. Furnishing your pool with tables, chairs, lounges and umbrellas creates the finished product.


Finding The Best Selection Of Pools Layouts And Designs

Pools Layouts And DesignsBackyard pools can make a fantastic addition to many households and properties. In addition to the opportunities to enjoy outdoor fun, relaxation and a variety of activities pools can have a tremendous impact on the market value of a home. Designers and installation services that offer a wider range of options to choose from can provide homeowners with an easier way to improve or upgrade their property.

Even smaller pools, hot tubs and modest installations often require considerable expense. Investing in pools that have been poorly designed, fail to compliment their surroundings or lack the style and features that may be available can be a serious misstep. For property owners seeking the best results, it pays to do business with a designer that has more to offer.

While many homeowners may be perfectly happy to choose from among a range of existing designs and layouts, custom made pools can often be a better choice. Determining the exact size, layout and dimensions of an installation can provide a number of important benefits. For homeowners who may be less than pleased with existing layouts, custom made pools and installation options can often provide the best solution.

Quality installation services are not a concern that homeowners can afford to take lightly. Shoddy workmanship, poorly made designed and issues with the installation process can lead to no end of future headaches and additional expenses. The best installation services can provide homeowners with the peace of mind that only superior results are able to offer.

With plenty of designers, equipment options and installation services available, finding the right options can seem like a real challenge. Possessing greater insight regarding the features, level of service and quality of results that only the best designers can offer can make quite a difference. Knowing enough to choose the right installation option can be an essential concern.

Finding the right layout or having pools designed to custom specifications can be very beneficial when it comes to creating a more attractive exterior or outdoor environment. Home improvement efforts and upgrade projects that are limited in scope are rarely able to provide the level of value and satisfaction that property owners may be seeking. Doing business with the right service options can make a world of difference.

Online research can allow homeowners to more quickly and easily compare their options and educate themselves regarding various installation choices. Possessing greater insight into various designs, styles and features can be very helpful. Spending even a little time to perform basic research can ensure homeowners are able to make more educated decisions.

Finding a wider range of swimming pool design options ensures that homeowners are able to select one better suited to their specific needs. Styles that better compliment their surroundings can allow for a more attractive exterior environment to be created or ensure that the market value of a home is better protected. Choosing the best designs and installation services can be an essential concern when it comes to investing in outdoor pools, hot tubs or other backyard installations.

Best Building Plan for Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor SaunasSpending time in a sauna is regarded as a good way to relax and purges the body of contaminants as well as having a load of other health benefits. Building outdoor saunas is advantageous as it ensures you maintain the layout of your house and still have a place to relax, out of but near your usual residence. It is also relatively easy and is explained in the following guideline on the outdoor saunas plan.

Consider the dimensions of the building to be used first. Let the sauna occupy an area of less than 10′ X 10′ so as to avoid having to acquire a building permit as is the case if a hundred square feet are exceeded. However, verification of this information with your local building-inspection authority can be done so as to be sure. The best dimensions to use are 8′ X 12′ which will allow you to have three rooms in your sauna: the entry as well as storage room for your wood used as fuel for the sauna, a changing room as well as the sauna itself. Let the sauna’s height be less than seven feet to avoid wastage of heat. Having a smaller room ensures more efficient heating as well as allowing the use of a smaller heater and smaller circuit breakers within your panel.

The layout of the room is also very important. For a better layout of the benches to be used, have the heater and the door on a long wall adjacent to each other. Allow six feet in at least one direction of your sauna if you like lying down in it The bench layout is normally 19″ for the depth and height is 38″ for the upper bench and 19″ for the lower bench. Shorter doors, with an opening of 26″ X 78″ encompassing both frame and door, are also used for the purposes of conserving heat within the sauna. The doors should also always to the outside of the sauna, never to the inside.

The sauna’s interior should be made from cedar, which does not discolor as opposed to many other types of wood although a sealant is still recommended. Cedar is also stable as opposed to other types of wood which swell and shrink under different temperatures. Using wood with knots could possibly cause burns in a sauna and thus it is important to obtain clear wood for your sauna’s interior.

Outdoor saunas also require to be well insulated and have a good source of heat energy. Insulation with a minimum R-Factor of R-11 for the walls and R-19 for the ceiling can be used Using fibreglass bats is essential. Do not use polystyrene foam board since gases such as formaldehydes will be given off by the boards when exposed to the sauna’s higher temperatures.

Heat energy in outdoor saunas tends to be provided by a wood-burning sauna heater. Ensure the chimney is well installed and passes the inspection by the local authority for proper dissemination of smoke from the wood. Also, it is not advised to buy an outdoor infrared heater if you plan on using your outdoor sauna all year round since they, the outdoor infrared heaters, do not work in winter.

Proper flow of air is a necessity in a sauna so as to ensure the users have a good supply of oxygen and also to prevent the fire from burning itself out This requires introducing fresh air which can either be supplied by leaving an air space of about 1″ between the floor and the bottom of the sauna’s door or by installing a non-adjustable vent in the wall under the heater. An adjustable exhaust vent should also be installed on the wall opposite to the vent holding incoming air so as to ensure proper air circulation and equal heat distribution. The exhaust vent can be installed anywhere from 48″ to 54″ from the sauna’s floor. The exhaust vent should have sliding doors to control the amount of air allowed into the room. It is advisable to place this vent within arm’s reach of your upper bench so you can adjust air circulation from the bench as you relax.

Using aluminium foil vapour barrier, rather than conventional polyethylene in residential constructions is also advised. Seal the aluminium foil vapour barrier by using aluminium foil adhesive duck tape for good results. Drape the foil loosely around the corners as it will shrink with the heating and the cooling. Don’t stretch it out like conventional polyethylene.

A drain in outdoor saunas tends to be unnecessary since only enough water to be converted to vapour is required to be poured on the rocks. If water pools on the floor then excess water is being used However, a drain can be installed if you plan to wash down the sauna often.

The lighting in outdoor saunas, as well as other saunas in general is specifically made so as to function in high-moisture, high-temperature environments. The use of conventional lighting methods should not be done. Additional light fixtures can also be mounted to increase illumination in previously dark areas. An additional light is usually mounted 3″ below where the upper bench meets the wall in the sauna. These lights tend to be operated by dimmer switches thus can be adjusted according to the users’ moods.

With this plan it is sure to be relatively easy to construct your very own outdoor sauna today.