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March 2016

Five Tips for Caring for Vinyl Pools

Vinyl PoolsVinyl liner pools offer a variety of design options and a less costly alternative to concrete or fiberglass models. But the vinyl can be susceptible to damage from environmental factors, chemical imbalances in the water, and items introduced by swimmers. Proper maintenance is key to keep yours in top shape. If you’re not sure how to care for your lined model, these five tips will definitely come in handy.

Brush Regularly

Just with fiberglass or concrete models, the walls of vinyl liner pools can accumulate algae, dirt, and other debris. In particular, though, chlorine residue can be a problem because it may cause the material to degrade and fade more quickly. To prevent damage, make sure to brush the walls with a nylon brush regularly. Twice a week usually works well.

Scrub at Water Level

While dirt, sunscreen, and other debris can collect on your liner’s walls, the spot most vulnerable to grime is right at the water line. Allowing dirt to collect there can cause permanent fading and discoloration. Once a week, use approved supplies to clean the water line. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what works best. Typically, though, a soft sponge is the best option because it’s not abrasive enough to damage the material. If stains do occur, you may also need to use a cleaner specifically designed for vinyl liners.

Balance Chemicals

Pools can run into a lot of trouble if their water chemistry isn’t properly balanced, but it’s a particular problem for vinyl models. That’s because excess chemicals can damage the material, causing issues like fading, discolorations, and tears. Make sure your pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6, while your free chlorine should read between 1 to 3 parts per million (ppm). Monitor the total alkalinity to keep it in the 80 to 120 ppm range, and ensure that the calcium hardness is kept between 150 and 250 ppm. Test your chlorine and pH levels daily; the rest of the levels may be tested weekly.

Choose Proper Tools

Vinyl can tear if it’s treated too roughly, so it’s important to choose tools designed specifically for your pool. In particular, pay attention to the cleaning equipment that you choose. You can find vacuum heads, automatic pool cleaners, and brushes made for use on your liner, so you don’t have to worry about tears or rips during routine maintenance.

Don’t Fully Drain

The biggest mistake that you can make with lined pools is draining it completely. If all of the water is removed, the liner can shrink due to the change in water pressure, causing rips, tears, or bubbles. Always check manufacturer instructions for guidance if you need to drain for maintenance reasons. In most cases, it’s advised to keep at least 1-foot of water in the shallow end.

Secrets Behind Beautiful and Well Maintained Swimming Pools

Beautiful and Well Maintained Swimming PoolsLooking forward to maintaining your newly built swimming pool? Need some effective pool maintenance tips that can help you convert your backyard into a PARADISE?

Read this article and find some effective tips on how to keep your puddle in good condition for years to come!

Pool maintenance has always been a matter of concern to all home owners located around the globe. When it comes to keeping the pond clean and tidy, it is important that you keep an eye on it on a regular basis. This will help you keep it dirt free, refreshing, and healthy to use every day. Also, this will help you put a stop to all your annoyance and prevent any unnecessary mistakes that could cost you plenty and make you feel perturbed.

Written below are some tips for enhancing the look of your pool and keep it sparkling clean all the way through!

Tip #1: checking the PH of the water regularly

In order to keep your puddle clean and healthy to use, it is important that you check its PH at least once in a week, especially in the winters. This will help you get a better view of your pool’s chemistry and make some adjustments accordingly. Maintaining the PH of your water around 7.0 will activate the chlorine level to 70%, whereas keeping it around 7.5 will activate the same by 50-60%. Also, it is important that keep the PH below eight as this will help you make the most of the chlorine percentage that is already present inside the puddle.

Tip #2: Checking the alkalinity of the pool water and maintaining it

Alkalinity plays a great part when it comes to maintaining the water balance and keeping the water clean, so it is important that keep it within a range of 80-140 PPM. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep hold of the Sanitizers ability to perform and keep the water balance intact.

Tip #3: Cleaning the filters and skimmer baskets regularly

It is important that you clean your skimmer baskets and filters once a month depending upon the condition of your pool. This can be done by soaking the filters in a solution of muriatic acid. Furthermore, you may think of wearing gloves and safety glasses in order to keep yourself protected from harmful acid components.

Having a place to relax is another factor which should be taken into consideration when the puddle is first being designed. When you are contracting a pool construction company, make sure that you see the entire range of pool designs & choose accordingly.


Various Benefits of Fibreglass Pool Renovation

Fibreglass Pool RenovationSwimming pool maintenance is somewhat difficult and costly in case of general house owners. It is because commercial swimming pool areas in hotels or other places are regularly maintained by the fees obtained. However, in general homes, these pools are only for personal use and thus, have to maintain by self only or hire someone for that. It is necessary to maintain the pools to remove the bacteria and pathogens which might serious infections or diseases. Getting a fibreglass pool could answer a lot of problems mentioned above. Moreover, the fibreglass pool renovation will give it a new life while making them long-lasting.

Benefits of fibreglass pool repairs

There are various benefits of installing the fibreglass over the pool area and following explains some of them:-

Versatile: One of the major reasons of using fibreglass is that they are versatile in nature and hence, can be used in different types of surface, whether it is concrete, brick, tiles, pain or any other. After years of swimming pool development, they tend to diminish easily when optimum maintenance is not provided. And, also it is not easy to maintain regularly for general people.

Upgrade: It is ideal to use the fibreglass for pool or pond leak repair as fixes the existing problems in them. Most general problems that crop up in the swimming pools are cracks, hollow spots, leakages, stains, blisters and so on. For that reason, the fibreglass coating will renovate the existing pool into a new one.

Strength: Although, there are several types of pool resurfacing techniques but fibreglass stands unique out of them due to their high tensile strength. It has not just uses in pool repairs but they are also being used in several applications which include traffic lights, water pipes, ship hulls, helmets, helicopter rotor blades and what not.

Finish: There are different layers in a fibreglass pool repair which makes the swimming pool much secure than the other types. Those processes to get a perfect finish include sanding, primer coat, fibreglass layer, filter coat and finally a top coat to give an astonishing flossy look to the pool.

Quick: The process of fibreglass resurfacing is much quicker than expected. Indeed, it depends upon the company which has taken up the work. But, in general too it doesn’t take so much time and that’s why it is most preferable.

Compatible: Another prominent reason which highlights the benefit of fibreglass pool repairs is they are compatible with different pool water types which can be salty, filled with chlorine or any other chemical.

Economical: A most surprising factor is the resurfacing costs are much less relatively. It is an effective solution for the swimming to get it fibreglass coated which prevents any effect from chemicals or weather. Furthermore, its maintenance requires less chemical use which saves up the cost.

Low maintenance: People often complain about the maintenance problems of a pool. After the fibreglass pool renovation, there would be much less requirement of that due its resistance to algae, discoloration and other harmful effects.


Things To Consider When Creating Swimming Pool Designs

Creating Swimming Pool DesignsProperty improvement provides numerous benefits for homeowners. For one, having a wonderful property can help increase its value. Next, families have a wonderful place to relax in during the weekend.

When it comes to property improvement, the most common things in mind is creating gardens, installing hardscapes and building a swimming pool. In case you live in a place where the weather is always sunny, the best option is to build a pool.

With this, you can simply cool off after a long day at work or just chill during the summer. However, in order to create a wonderful swimming pool, you need to create amazing swimming pool designs. Unfortunately, creating a design is very stressful. So, to help you create a design that can suit your needs, listed below are some tips you need to consider.

Know your space

Before creating a swimming pool design, homeowners need to first know their space. There are numerous sizes of swimming pools. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you opt for a swimming pool that will fit on your property properly.

The type of swimming pool

After knowing the right size of swimming pool, the next thing homeowners need to do is to choose the type of pool they wish to build. As of now, there are numerous types of pools to choose from such as inground and above ground. In addition, you can also opt for different materials like fibre glass or the traditional tiles. Hence, it is important to know what is best for your property in order for you to create the right pool design.

Swimming safety

When creating pool designs, homeowners must not neglect its safety features. Of course, you do not want something to happen to your children as they play near the pool. Not to mention, this can also help prevent unexpected accidents. You need to invest in essential safety items to ensure that your pool designs are safe.

Work with swimming designers and contractors

In case you do not have sufficient knowledge about pool designing, it is best to work with reliable designers. With the help of these designers, you are rest assured that you can create an amazing pool design that can suit your needs and complement your property. Designers also work with reliable contractors who can make these designs come true.