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How to Select the Ideal Above Ground Pool

Ideal Above Ground PoolAbove ground pools offer a lot of family-friendly fun. An above ground pool is ideal for creating many summertime memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, the pool cost is considerably cheaper than what you can expect from an in-ground. If you are looking for an above ground pool for you and your family to enjoy this summer, then learn more here about choosing the right above ground pool for you.

Cost: Even though the costs are far more reasonable than those relating to an in-ground pool, it is important to make sure you are fully prepared for the budget you will need for your above ground maintenance and installation. You will need a vinyl liner, skimmer, pump filtration system and steady supply of pool chemicals to keep the water safe. Make sure that, when you are considering your cost, you do not leave out any of these essential expenditures.

Back Yard Layout: Pools come in many sizes, so you want to make sure that you have plenty of room to accommodate your in your backyard. Consider the overall layout of your space, and visualize where you plan on putting your pool. If you have the measurements you have in mind, it would be wise to measure the space in your backyard before you make your purchase. Remember that you will need to add an area around the pool for the pump and, on at least one side, an area to walk or stand.

Power Supply: Your pool will require a power source for its filtration system. Prior to your pool installation, make sure you have an outdoor outlet that can handle at least 110 volts of electricity.

Local Permits: Many townships require permits for installation, make sure that you cover all of your bases by obtaining your township’s necessary above ground pool permits. Also, make sure that you have a clear understanding of all of the town ordinances for pools in your area, including fencing and security measures to ensure that neighborhood children don’t just access your pool on their own, without proper supervision.

Pool Installation: The installation may seem less involved than that of an in-ground pool, but it is best to leave pool installation to a professional. This is one of those times when a do-it-yourself kit just won’t do it. Finding a trustworthy pool installation company in your area can take the hassle and worry out of your construction, assembly and maintenance.

Pool Maintenance: Maintaining your pool is a high priority whether it is an in-ground or above ground pool. Above ground pool maintenance includes pool water testing, skimming the pool for debris, and the upkeep of your pool’s filtration system. When planning your pool purchase, make maintenance a priority by either maintaining it yourself according to a strict schedule, or hiring professionals.

Make a splash this summer by purchasing for your backyard entertaining! These useful tips for buying should make selecting the right model for you and your family a breeze. Above ground pool cost is an affordable investment that will bring you benefits for many years to come.


How to Choose the Right In Ground Pool Builder

Ground Pool BuilderThinking about turning up the heat this summer? Why not install an in ground pool and give your backyard a spectacular look that you always wanted to!

For most of us, a pool in a backyard has been just like a dream come true! This dream can unfortunately turn out to be a nightmare for those who don’t pick the right pool builder. It is important that you decide what questions you need to ask builder before moving towards the most important step, i.e. Hiring a Pool Builder! A good contractor will take care of all your requirements and will help you select the one that will work best for you. Also, they must work as per your opinion, fulfilling all your desires and keeping your consideration in mind all the time.

When summers approach, many of us think of installing a puddle in our backyard so as to enjoy every aspect of life. No doubt having a beautiful pond built inside your premises always act as a “wow-factor”, but the fact is that it takes a lot to build it and even takes a lot more to maintain it! This is something that you cannot do on your own as it involves a great deal of complex tasks that can only be handled by a professional. So this is where an experienced builder comes into the picture and takes care of all your requirements in order to build a pool of your dreams.

If you want to have a puddle in your backyard, you should seek advice from someone who is experienced in this profession. It is not easy to find a top builder who can accommodate what you require for your backyard. Further, you should also think about the facilities that you might wish to include in your swimming pool design, so that you should allow space for slides or maybe still a separate Jacuzzi beside it. On top of everything, your budget is still considered the key point in building an In ground concrete pool.

Why In-ground Pools?

Building an In ground pool in your backyard is the best way to add a touch of elegance to your lifestyle. With this, your backyard would become a transformed source of entertainment, a confidential place to work out, and an amusing place for picnics and parties. Moreover, there are different types of pools that usually vary in cost, depending upon the design and size of the puddle.


Which Paving Tiles Are Suitable for Swimming Pool Areas

Paving Tiles Are Suitable for Swimming Pool AreasSwimming pools provide a lot of fun for some people while it is also a place of relaxation for any family. Adding one to your yard is an exciting journey because you can choose the shape, style and design of the swimming pool. With autumn and winter at our doorstep, this is actually the best time to get it installed as no one is going to swim during the colder days, unless you’ve been dared. So once you’ve chosen your swimming pool and the design, you need to think about the paving tiles that will be suitable for this area.

So which paving tiles are suitable for your swimming pool area?

What kind of paving will enhance the look while also being functional and safe? These are factors that you need to consider when looking for paving bricks. There are beautiful paving bricks available that can create a design according to what you like. In other words, you will find stone themed paving bricks that come in limestone-white, weathered grey, charcoal and much more.

For the edges of your swimming pool it is suggested that you use non-slip classic copings. These look elegant while neatly rounding off the edges of your pool. There will, then, be no sharp edges and the surface will not be slippery. Flagstone paving tiles are ideal for paving the entire area around the pool or around a pond. They are also non-slip paving tiles which allow you to walk comfortably along a non-slippery surface. These handcrafted paving bricks are created to look like simulated stone and they are available in a range of earthy tones. You could opt for dark sandstone, stone-white, stone, sandstone and Tuscan. Imagine how beautiful your pool area will look with a Tuscan coloured flagstone. It will create an ambience of Italian serenity in your back garden. You could create your entire garden theme with this Italian Tuscan design. Alternatively, the stone-white coloured flagstone will create a crisp clean white look that will give your swimming pool area and garden a modern ambience. The white colour with the contrast of the clear blue water in the swimming pool will create the appearance of a relaxed beach area

Flagstones are ideal for paving swimming pool areas and pond areas. Copings are suitable for rounding off the edges of the pool. Both of these paving tiles lend a sense comfort due to their non-slip quality.

Keeping Your Pool Furniture Clean and Looking New

Pool Furniture Clean and Looking NewUmbrellas have been raised, pools have been cleaned and the furniture has returned from its winter hibernation. As guests continue to roll in, it’s important that chairs, lounges and tables remain cleaned up and looking like new! There is no other types of furniture that take more punishment than outdoor furniture, whether it’s taking a beating from the sun or carrying the weight of 6 inches of snow. While most outdoor fabrics and finishes are built to withstand the elements, annual cleaning can go a long way toward making them last (even past their intended life span).

Commercial grade outdoor fabrics are extremely durable, but dirt and grime can work their way into the toughest sports. It is best to start by dusting off any surface dirt, then use a sponge or soft bristle brush to get into the weave of the fabric. Rinse the cushions thoroughly to remove all the soap and allow the fabric to air dry. If wicker pieces are still in good condition, they may simply need a quick vacuuming and a wipe-down with a cloth and mild detergent mixture. Using a soft bristle brush, scrub off any stubborn grime then rinse with a cloth saturated in plain water. In addition to just looking dirty, dirt and grime can cause teak products to mildew so it’s essential to give them a thorough scrubbing with a water/mild detergent and a soft bristle brush. Do this once a year and the teak should remain mildew free. Oiling teak can also help it retain its buttery gold color and keep the grain from cracking. Most commercial grade metal pieces are finished with a protective coating that makes them relatively impervious to all weather conditions. Pool furniture is exposed to a lot, and aluminum is built to take the heat and the elements. Prolong the life of the furniture by keeping it clean and properly treating it as needed:

Acrylic Furniture:

Lack of cleaning acrylic surfaces can cause them to become marred with stains, dust, dirt, mold and mildew – however, cleaning them the wrong way can harm the surfaces.

Fiberglass Furniture:

Fiberglass pool furniture is one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture on the market today. It’s highly durable, affordable, comes in an assortment of styles and most importantly is easy to maintain. There are certain steps that should be taken to effectively clean fiberglass furniture.

Recycled Plastic Furniture:

Most recycled plastic furniture has been purified and UV protected. It’s generally cared for and cleaned with soap and warm water. For certain stains and additional cleaning power, a 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water solution can be used on recycled plastic furniture without affecting the color. The surface characteristics of the furniture may require the use of a soft bristle brush to get into the creases.

Resin Furniture:

Outdoor resin furniture is an ideal alternative to metal or wood furniture, which can rust, splinter, continually need painting or are just plain heavy. Keeping new tables and chairs clean and looking good for years to come is easy – it’s the older pieces that take a little more effort to restore to a cleaner, newer looking state.

Sling Furniture:

Get sling outdoor furniture looking clean and fresh with a little elbow grease, and cleaning supplies that is already on hand. If mildew is a problem, a bit of extra effort can help control it.

Vinyl Strap Furniture:

Vinyl strap furniture is ideal when looking for the perfect addition to a pool area. However, body lotions and oils can cause damage to vinyl straps. In fact, if possible, require guests to use a towel when sunbathing or drying off from the pool so that vinyl strap furniture will have a longer life span. Vinyl is porous, so it is important to protect the pool furniture from moisture and chemicals.


What You Need to Know When Buying a Hot Tub

Hot TubIf you have a hot tub then it’s important that you are able to take proper care of it in order to protect your investment and keep it in the best condition for longer. In fact, this is something that you should have been considering when you were buying a hot tub in the first place, incorporating accessories into your budget to ensure that you got the most out of your money. If you already have a hot tub and are in need of a cover, don’t worry, we’re here to help you, and if you’re going to buy a hot tub then you might want to consider the details here. Covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials and it’s important to carefully consider all of these before making a purchase.


You need to make sure that your cover is suited to the shape of your hot tub. The shapes on offer is pretty broad from circular to rectangular, hexagonal and more. Naturally your cover needs to be the right shape too! It sounds obvious, but we’re all a bit careless sometimes and mistakes are bound to happen.


Accuracy in the dimensions of your cover is also crucial to finding the right cover. It can make shopping for a cover seem a bit difficult, because it’s not like you can just take your hot tub or swim spa to the shop to test it out. If you decide to buy online, do your best to ensure that your measurements are accurate and that you are measuring from the correct places.


You can browse hot tub covers and see that there are a lot of hot tub covers that are made in different materials and may not necessarily know the difference. There are the tougher, hard-shell covers which are more resilient but can be difficult to use if you have reduced physical capacities, and then there are the soft, lighter covers which are easier to install but are less robust.

When choosing the material, you should consider the environment in which the hot tub is placed. Is it often sunny or is it prone to be cold often? The materials provided for hot tub covers have different capacities and are suited to different climates and types of weather, so be sure to do your research so you end up with the most appropriate model.


With accessories you pay for quality and you get quality, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a decent deal where both parties are satisfied. This is one of the reasons that people turn to the internet for a lot of their shopping needs these days, because you can get direct access to the product with minimal effort. When buying online you should be mindful of accuracy in measurements and dimensions, but also of price. There are plenty of places where you can buy a great cover, but only some of them will offer more competitive prices.

Five Tips for Caring for Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic Pool CoversFor anyone tired of manually covering their pool, automatic pool covers are an ideal alternative. With the flip of a switch, the vinyl unrolls by itself, so the water is shielded from the elements, leaves, and other debris. But these accessories can be fairly pricey, so when you purchase one, you want to make sure it lasts. Check out these five key tips for caring for yours so it lasts as long as possible.

Clear Surface

It’s inevitable that leaves, debris, snow, and ice will accumulate on the vinyl when it’s stretched over the water. It’s important to clean them away as soon as possible. The extra weight can strain the vinyl, as well as the reel components that help unroll automatic pool covers. Use a telescopic brush to wipe gently away leaves, snow, and other debris. If water has accumulated on the surface, use a small pump to remove it.

Monitor Water

The water level in a pool is key to maintaining your cover. Water should hit at approximately mid-skimmer. If it’s higher than that point, the reel components and system may be flooded. If it falls lower than mid-skimmer, the vinyl may start to sag, causing it to strain once debris accumulates.

Clean Regularly

At least two to three times a year, automatic pool covers should be cleaned to remove chemical residue that can make them degrade more quickly. Unroll the vinyl and work in small sections, using a mild dishwashing detergent and a gentle brush to scrub it clean. Rinse it off with your garden hose. If any water accumulates on the surface after you’re done, you can use a pump to remove it.

Check for Problems

In addition to keeping your cover clean, it’s important to inspect it regularly to ensure that there are no problems. Examine the motor housing and reel components to make sure they’re secure. If anything is loose, tighten it. It’s also a good idea to spray the reel components with a Teflon lubricant spray three or four times a year to ensure that it rolls smoothly. For issues with the motor or reel components that are not easily fixed, call the company that installed your cover to come for service. Check the vinyl itself for rips and tears. If you find any damage, use a patching kit from your local supply store to repair the areas.

Watch Out with Chemicals

Maintaining proper water chemistry is key if you want to keep your water clear and sparkling. That often means adding chemicals to balance out the various levels. But the chemicals that you use to treat the water can damage the cover and cause it to break down prematurely. To avoid damaging it, wait approximately two hours after adding chemicals before you unroll the vinyl.

Taking A Look At Pool Lights

Taking A Look At Pool LightsIt’s common for many homeowners to install pool lights. The majority of the homeowners prefer installing LED lights as they come with a number of benefits. One of the benefits is that they are brighter than traditional lights. They are also available in a wide range of colors; therefore, you can decorate your pool with any color that you want.

Many LED lights are said to be color changing where they change their color after every few minutes. You can also program them to change color according to a given rhythm or pattern.

LED lights don’t suffer from heat problems like the traditional lights; therefore, you can run them above water without any problems.

Types Of Pool Lights

There are two types of pool lights that you can go with: those that are installed in underwater fixtures and those that are designed to float on the pool surface. You should note that while the pool lights that float on water are great to look at, they don’t fit in every home.

When buying the pool lights always pay close attention to the caging material used. Most of the lights are protected by either a plastic or stainless steel cage. The cage usually comes with a rubber gasket that prevents water from entering inside the fixture.

For the caging to last for a long time you should go for stainless steel. You should note that although the cage will give you a long service, it tends to be more expensive compared to the plastic caging.

In addition to considering the caging material, you should also consider the voltage of the pool light. If you have a small or standard pool, you should go for a 12-volt pool light. When buying the lights always check their fittings and ensure that they accept bulbs with small, medium or large bases.

It’s important to note that you can’t interchange bulbs of different bases; therefore, when making the purchase always ensure that the bulb fits your pool.

Taking Care Of Pool Lights

For the lights to last for a long time you need to take good care of them. One of the best ways of taking good care of them is ensuring that they are installed by a professional. When you notice that one light isn’t working, you should take a look at it immediately and find out the problem that it might be having. As rule of thumb you should rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Five Tips for Caring for Vinyl Pools

Vinyl PoolsVinyl liner pools offer a variety of design options and a less costly alternative to concrete or fiberglass models. But the vinyl can be susceptible to damage from environmental factors, chemical imbalances in the water, and items introduced by swimmers. Proper maintenance is key to keep yours in top shape. If you’re not sure how to care for your lined model, these five tips will definitely come in handy.

Brush Regularly

Just with fiberglass or concrete models, the walls of vinyl liner pools can accumulate algae, dirt, and other debris. In particular, though, chlorine residue can be a problem because it may cause the material to degrade and fade more quickly. To prevent damage, make sure to brush the walls with a nylon brush regularly. Twice a week usually works well.

Scrub at Water Level

While dirt, sunscreen, and other debris can collect on your liner’s walls, the spot most vulnerable to grime is right at the water line. Allowing dirt to collect there can cause permanent fading and discoloration. Once a week, use approved supplies to clean the water line. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what works best. Typically, though, a soft sponge is the best option because it’s not abrasive enough to damage the material. If stains do occur, you may also need to use a cleaner specifically designed for vinyl liners.

Balance Chemicals

Pools can run into a lot of trouble if their water chemistry isn’t properly balanced, but it’s a particular problem for vinyl models. That’s because excess chemicals can damage the material, causing issues like fading, discolorations, and tears. Make sure your pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6, while your free chlorine should read between 1 to 3 parts per million (ppm). Monitor the total alkalinity to keep it in the 80 to 120 ppm range, and ensure that the calcium hardness is kept between 150 and 250 ppm. Test your chlorine and pH levels daily; the rest of the levels may be tested weekly.

Choose Proper Tools

Vinyl can tear if it’s treated too roughly, so it’s important to choose tools designed specifically for your pool. In particular, pay attention to the cleaning equipment that you choose. You can find vacuum heads, automatic pool cleaners, and brushes made for use on your liner, so you don’t have to worry about tears or rips during routine maintenance.

Don’t Fully Drain

The biggest mistake that you can make with lined pools is draining it completely. If all of the water is removed, the liner can shrink due to the change in water pressure, causing rips, tears, or bubbles. Always check manufacturer instructions for guidance if you need to drain for maintenance reasons. In most cases, it’s advised to keep at least 1-foot of water in the shallow end.

Secrets Behind Beautiful and Well Maintained Swimming Pools

Beautiful and Well Maintained Swimming PoolsLooking forward to maintaining your newly built swimming pool? Need some effective pool maintenance tips that can help you convert your backyard into a PARADISE?

Read this article and find some effective tips on how to keep your puddle in good condition for years to come!

Pool maintenance has always been a matter of concern to all home owners located around the globe. When it comes to keeping the pond clean and tidy, it is important that you keep an eye on it on a regular basis. This will help you keep it dirt free, refreshing, and healthy to use every day. Also, this will help you put a stop to all your annoyance and prevent any unnecessary mistakes that could cost you plenty and make you feel perturbed.

Written below are some tips for enhancing the look of your pool and keep it sparkling clean all the way through!

Tip #1: checking the PH of the water regularly

In order to keep your puddle clean and healthy to use, it is important that you check its PH at least once in a week, especially in the winters. This will help you get a better view of your pool’s chemistry and make some adjustments accordingly. Maintaining the PH of your water around 7.0 will activate the chlorine level to 70%, whereas keeping it around 7.5 will activate the same by 50-60%. Also, it is important that keep the PH below eight as this will help you make the most of the chlorine percentage that is already present inside the puddle.

Tip #2: Checking the alkalinity of the pool water and maintaining it

Alkalinity plays a great part when it comes to maintaining the water balance and keeping the water clean, so it is important that keep it within a range of 80-140 PPM. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep hold of the Sanitizers ability to perform and keep the water balance intact.

Tip #3: Cleaning the filters and skimmer baskets regularly

It is important that you clean your skimmer baskets and filters once a month depending upon the condition of your pool. This can be done by soaking the filters in a solution of muriatic acid. Furthermore, you may think of wearing gloves and safety glasses in order to keep yourself protected from harmful acid components.

Having a place to relax is another factor which should be taken into consideration when the puddle is first being designed. When you are contracting a pool construction company, make sure that you see the entire range of pool designs & choose accordingly.


Various Benefits of Fibreglass Pool Renovation

Fibreglass Pool RenovationSwimming pool maintenance is somewhat difficult and costly in case of general house owners. It is because commercial swimming pool areas in hotels or other places are regularly maintained by the fees obtained. However, in general homes, these pools are only for personal use and thus, have to maintain by self only or hire someone for that. It is necessary to maintain the pools to remove the bacteria and pathogens which might serious infections or diseases. Getting a fibreglass pool could answer a lot of problems mentioned above. Moreover, the fibreglass pool renovation will give it a new life while making them long-lasting.

Benefits of fibreglass pool repairs

There are various benefits of installing the fibreglass over the pool area and following explains some of them:-

Versatile: One of the major reasons of using fibreglass is that they are versatile in nature and hence, can be used in different types of surface, whether it is concrete, brick, tiles, pain or any other. After years of swimming pool development, they tend to diminish easily when optimum maintenance is not provided. And, also it is not easy to maintain regularly for general people.

Upgrade: It is ideal to use the fibreglass for pool or pond leak repair as fixes the existing problems in them. Most general problems that crop up in the swimming pools are cracks, hollow spots, leakages, stains, blisters and so on. For that reason, the fibreglass coating will renovate the existing pool into a new one.

Strength: Although, there are several types of pool resurfacing techniques but fibreglass stands unique out of them due to their high tensile strength. It has not just uses in pool repairs but they are also being used in several applications which include traffic lights, water pipes, ship hulls, helmets, helicopter rotor blades and what not.

Finish: There are different layers in a fibreglass pool repair which makes the swimming pool much secure than the other types. Those processes to get a perfect finish include sanding, primer coat, fibreglass layer, filter coat and finally a top coat to give an astonishing flossy look to the pool.

Quick: The process of fibreglass resurfacing is much quicker than expected. Indeed, it depends upon the company which has taken up the work. But, in general too it doesn’t take so much time and that’s why it is most preferable.

Compatible: Another prominent reason which highlights the benefit of fibreglass pool repairs is they are compatible with different pool water types which can be salty, filled with chlorine or any other chemical.

Economical: A most surprising factor is the resurfacing costs are much less relatively. It is an effective solution for the swimming to get it fibreglass coated which prevents any effect from chemicals or weather. Furthermore, its maintenance requires less chemical use which saves up the cost.

Low maintenance: People often complain about the maintenance problems of a pool. After the fibreglass pool renovation, there would be much less requirement of that due its resistance to algae, discoloration and other harmful effects.


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