Tips for Servicing and Furnishing Your Pool

Servicing and Furnishing Your PoolThere are essentially two types of pools, the in-ground and the above-ground. Whether made from solid materials, like stone, or from an easy-to-assemble item like steel sheets, the cost of pool maintenance tends to be extremely time consuming. But, pool cleaning and servicing doesn’t have to be a hassle, even if you choose to tackle the task yourself!

While in-ground pools often prove to be the most expensive to maintain, a routine check of the pool’s tiles, grout, and any other possible damages every six months will help you save hundreds of dollars in repairs. It helps to solve any possible issues before they become huge problems!

Special attention should be paid to above-ground pools constructed from solid materials like stone. Cleaning the sides of the pool with a specially designed, long-handled brush and some detergent helps remove any gunk sticking to the sides. Since debris can fall to the bottom during clean-up, draining and cleaning the bottom should complete the maintenance process. Who needs outside help?!

Planning on swimming year round? Heating your pool will protect it from any potential damage caused by winter weather and freezing. Regular use of a swimming pool heater will also keep the pipes from freezing. Make certain the path to and from the swimming pool and the deck are clear of snow and ice. You don’t want your fast-moving guests to trip and fall when they’re getting out of the pool and heading for the warmth of the indoors. The water might be warm but trust me, the air won’t be!

Should you prefer to have someone else handle the messy work, your pool cleaning service should be able to take care of all aspects of pool cleaning, maintenance and repairing. A full-service pool maintenance company can perform the following:

  • Check if all equipment is running properly.
  • Test pool for chemicals with an approved test kit.
  • Adjust salt, stabilizer, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels.
  • Remove leaves and debris floating in the pool with a skimmer.
  • Brush walls and steps.
  • Vacuum pool floor to suck out debris.
  • Clean tiles with a tile brush and tile soap – to remove any algae and deposits.
  • Clean main pool filter, skimmer and pump strainer baskets.
  • Clean mold, rock work wherever present, and in-line leaf trap wherever available.
  • Leave a notice of service when complete.

Now that you’ve scheduled (or called off!) the pool guy, and your pool has been properly serviced, it’s time to start looking at the furniture. Furnishing your pool with tables, chairs, lounges and umbrellas creates the finished product.