Advice If Your Property Has Been Damage By Water

Water damage is deceptively devastating. Its capacity to damage property lies on its own set of consequences but also in addition to the fact that most homeowners don’t regard it to be something to worry about. This catches unprepared homeowners off guard wherein the extent of water damage is exacerbated more than expected.


Costs of Water Removal and Damage Repair

Unlike a house fire, the visual image of water damage does not evoke as much terror and panic. After all, comparing the two elements that cause the damages, it’s easy to see that fire is ubiquitous to destruction. And this essentially is why the threat of water damage is downplayed by homeowners. Unfortunately, water damage can be just as costly and traumatic as a partial house fire. In fact, it can render a house uninhabitable for days or even weeks. Depending on the materials used for the house structure, some even end up demolished since the foundations, walls and floors are already too waterlogged to be considered safe to live in.

Extent of Water Damage

The magnitude of damage of water flooding in the home largely depends on two factors. One of these two is the time it takes to respond to the cause of the problem. Obviously, the faster it takes to fix it, the less devastation is delivered to the house.

Unfortunately, fast response can’t always be assured. There will be times where water damage isn’t noticed immediately. Unfortunate scenarios, where members of the household are out of the house for work or school, can delay response time. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that water damage can grow worse just because most people these days prefer to be semi-recluse and spend the entire day in their bedrooms.

For this reason, home owners should expect exemplary services from water damage restoration services. Not just in terms of response time but also with their capability to restore extensive damages. If water damage is noticed by family members, or neighbors within the first few minutes, restoration services can immediately go to the area and prevent further damage to the property. Inventions already exist to alarm homeowners of potential water damage when nobody is at home.

Needless to say, however, that even a few minutes of free-flowing water can already inundate an entire room. Realistically speaking, it’s even likely to cover the entire floor area of rooms that are on the same level. If the cause of water damage is from an upper floor level, more rooms will be flooded with the same amount of time. Keep in mind that this may be the least extent of damage of water flooding, but it is already a costly one. Expensive carpets are likely in need of replacement and wooden floors may already have permanent damages.

If the problem persists for hours, wooden doors, floors and furniture will have already swollen from taking in too much water. Less dense wood, ones with plenty of air pockets, are likely to disintegrate from hours of being soaked in water. Electronic devices are possibly at risk of being damaged and may need costly repairs. Some devices, such as computers, may have already been damaged permanently. It’s not all about drying them out completely since water leaves minerals that can disrupt the precise function of computer components.

If that’s already too much extent of damage to digest, imagine how a house would end up with days of continuing water damage. It’s not an unlikely scenario. Families go on weekend vacations, especially on long weekends where Fridays and Mondays are deemed holidays. It’s not that difficult to imagine the crushing feeling of helplessness upon arriving at a waterlogged home. Not to mention that all the fun and relaxation from the weekend vacation practically dissipated.

If water flooding went on for days, homeowners should be emotionally and mentally prepared for heartbreaking damage reports. The house itself is unlikely to be habitable for days or even weeks. The timeframe varies depending on the materials used for the house structure. It’s also influenced by another factor that determines the extent of water damage.


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