2018 -2019 Mold Damage – What to do and the costs of removal

What to do if you suspect Mold Damage in Your Property

If you’ve detected musty odors or spotted what you think is mold, it can be frightening. Mold is a hazard that can crop up when you least expect it, and a surprising number of homes have hidden mold issues. The key to handling the situation effectively is to be proactive and take action as soon as possible.  Learn how to identify mold.

Mold damage can affect your home’s structure, flooring, walls, furnishings, and is nothing nice to look at. Even worse, it can have adverse effects on the health of humans and animals, making mold problems all the more pressing. Here’s what to do if you suspect that mold is growing in your home.

  1. Don’t try to touch or clean anything that you think is contaminated. Even if you only see a small bit of mold, the underlying problems can be much larger and more dangerous than you initially realize. The cleaners and chemicals available commercially won’t get rid of mold or prevent its growth, and professional remediation is needed to resolve the issue permanently.
  2. Contact a trusted professional for mold removal and restoration. You want to ensure that the company you choose will handle the job safely and prevent any damage from spreading to other parts of your house. Technicians have the experience and training needed to not only remove mold damage but find its source.
  3. Don’t automatically throw things out. Not only is it unsafe to place contaminated items into your garbage can, but it may also be unnecessary. In many cases, the professionals can restore items so you can avoid the expense of replacing your belongings.

A team of professionals is well equipped to get rid of mold damage in your home or business, prevent recurring issues, and give you peace of mind.


Cost of mold removal in Florida

mold on the wallMold is one of the greatest dangers for both a home and the people who live in it. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, inhaling or touching mold can cause a broad range of health problems covering allergic reactions, asthma attack, and irritation in the eyes and respiratory tract.

The Cost of Mold
Mold has been the subject of many lawsuits. In addition to litigation and health issues, mold can cost in lost productivity and increased insurance costs. Every year, mold causes millions of dollars in damage to homes and common health problems. Health issues due to mold are common

Cost of mold damage removal for 2018 -2019

For 2018 if you have mold in a certain area of a property, the price to pay for mold removal can be any where from $3,500 to $8,800. If the property was flooded from a major storm or broken water pipe and the mold has take over the entire property, there is much more that needs to be considered in the price of mold damage removal.  This could increase costs cost up to $6,000 – $38,000, or more, depending on the square feet of the property.  EPA.gov

Levels of Mold Remediation
A professional remediation company has a set of protocols that they rigorously follow. They follow the guidelines of the IICRC S-520 Mold Remediation Standard and EPA’s Mold Removal Document. There are six levels of mold remediation:

  • Level I – A little isolated area less than 10 square feet
    • Level II – Intermediate sized isolated area of 10 – 30 square feet
    • Level III – Large isolated area 30 – 100 square feet
    • Level IV – Extensive contamination over 100 contiguous square feet
    • Level V-VI – 5-6 Involve HVAC contamination

A level I or II contamination will be remediated promptly and efficiently. Higher levels require a detailed approach including containment and a negative air system.

Every year, mold causes millions of dollars in damage to homes.

Professionals recommend clearance test after the completion of any remediation project involving a level IV contamination in a commercial or institutional building. Any contamination involving HVAC systems, and contamination can cause health problems. An independent agency takes samples and compares them to outdoor levels to confirm that mold remediation is complete.

Remediation Protocols
Professionals recommend that a customized Mold Remediation Protocols be set in place. For industrial and institutional sites with greater than level IV contamination and commercial jobs with Levels 5-6, Professionals will automatically be brought in to consult. Commercial projects with lower levels of contamination and residential projects are remediated using established protocols.

Professionals have the equipment to handle large projects, such as air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, negative air machines, containment systems, and necessary protective equipment.  Personnel should be trained in OSHA standards for hazardous materials, including continuing education on latest industry protocols. Professionals will secure contaminated areas with a containment chamber and remove the mold using best industry practice.

If you suspect your facility or home has a mold problem, call a professional at once! They consult, inspect and test the structure. They will then make a remediation plan if needed and secure the affected area to bring it back to safety. They use only the safest, proven mold remediation techniques.

Keeping a Clean and Mold Damage Removal Helps

Your regular janitorial crew makes their rounds every night, cleaning up after your employees and ensuring that each day begins with a fresh scent in the air and clean carpeting underfoot. Normal cleaning such as this would go further with a scheduled cleaning that removes embedded dirt inside window corners and grooves, underneath shelving and stands, and around overhead lighting fixtures. Doors and entryways can also benefit greatly from extreme cleaning because it so greatly enhances normal cleaning efforts.

Businesses in Florida who desire to impress potential investors know that deep-down commercial cleaning services

David Geralds
David Geralds Expert

show attention to details that might go unnoticed otherwise. When done according to a schedule, this type of cleaning becomes more cost-effective over time.

Areas in which cleaning crews gloss over during their fulfillment of their nightly duties are given extensive cleaning with special cleansers formulated to break down any accumulations present. Time and attention are given to brighten areas that are notoriously left dull and without the sheen that might be hiding under a haze of adhered particles brought inside from the outdoors.

Coming into an office environment that has freshly cleaned ‘everything’ can help employees feel appreciated and able to perform better. Being more efficient at tasks, and able to think more creatively can get a boost from an ultra-clean workplace.

When walls, framed artwork, and door and window frames are all spotless, it can bring about a decrease in stress levels, and also boost feelings of overall satisfaction with their surroundings. Glass, as well as all trim and fittings, are detailed and sparkling clean again, just like new, creating the impression of a fresh slate. The decrease in allergens can also lend a hand in producing a better feeling for everyone who shares in the office environment.

To visitors, this cleaner environment is noticeable and quite tangible. The psychological impact can be quite helpful by increasing beneficial effects – greater employee attendance, improved health, creativity, and performance of those working in the cleaner environment, and improved relations with those interested in doing business with your company.

Your business can benefit from scheduled cleaning that goes beyond the standard cleaning regimen your offices receive nightly. Deciding on a schedule is easy to do when you call a professional restoration company that knows how to stay in tune with your needs.